Women Peace Promoters

The Peacebuilding Project promotes the empowerment of women by strengthening their capacities and leadership to support the peaceful resolution of conflicts at the family and community level, through the methodology of Change Advisors.

The Peacebuilding Project promotes the citizen participation of women in local decision-making spaces by strengthening their leadership and advocacy capacities aimed at peace building and the peaceful transformation of conflicts.

Crises and community conflicts have different effects on women and men, the ways of interpreting complex situations and the alternatives for transforming reality are also different.

For this reason, strengthening women’s citizenship and community participation structures can contribute to having spaces that receive their demands and contributions for the improvement of communities. In this sense, it is necessary to promote and increase meeting spaces for women, the articulation in networks or organizations that allow them to reach consensus and defend their interests at the different levels of citizen participation.

Precisely, through the Women Peace Promoters  strategy, community women’s networks will be integrated initially with the collaboration of recognized women leaders committed to respect for human rights and the promotion of peace.

The support and accompaniment of the Peacebuilding Project will consist of facilitating tools to strengthen leadership capacities and community mobilization towards equal opportunities by replicating training and participatory processes of social impact among peers.

The focus of this methodology is the socio-political empowerment of women, so in addition to their role as trainers of their peers, it will also promote interaction with community authorities and the integration of the Women Peace Promoters in decision-making spaces, where their voices and opinions are heard.

The next level involves the articulation in municipal networks of Advisors for Change with the purpose of joining the Women’s Commissions of the Municipal Development Councils -COMUDE- and proposing substantive “changes” in favor of women to prevent and sanction domestic and gender violence, the full exercise of their rights and peaceful coexistence.

The Peacebuilding Project recognizes women as agents of change, with a fundamental role in the development, social cohesion, resilience and peace of communities.