Gender and social inclusion
The Peacebuilding Project recognizes that promoting gender equality, empowerment of women, youth and indigenous peoples and social inclusion are fundamental to achieving inclusive development and peace in Guatemala and is committed to integrating gender and social inclusion in the Weaving Peace Project cycle and in all of its activities.

To this end, the project has developed three technical instruments that guide the project’s actions to fulfill this commitment and thus promote the empowerment and equal participation of women, youth, indigenous peoples, LGBTIQ people and other marginalized groups in conflict resolution, strengthening social cohesion and peace building in their communities. These instruments are: the Gender Integration and Social Inclusion Plan, the Strategy for Interaction with Indigenous Peoples and the Strategy for Interaction with Youth.

Do no harm action and conflict sensitive approaches
The Peacebuilding Project recognizes that actions undertaken by development or humanitarian assistance programs cannot be separated from the context in which they are carried out and may contribute to and/or reinforce conflict dynamics. Therefore, it uses a no-harm framework and a conflict sensitive approach throughout the project cycle, which allows it to minimize the risk of causing unintended negative impacts and maximize the positive impacts of the project.

Technical Data Sheet Migration

Domestic Violence Fact Sheet